Sage butter with Crunchy sage

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Preparation time

10 MInutes


Time needed

30 minutes


for 2 persons

Delicious calorie bomb.
With lots of butter, lots of sage, a little patience and some time … I hardly know another recipe with which you can make so much from soooo little.

Kitchen know-it-all

Sage - lat. Salvia. The name is derived from salvare "to heal" or salvus "healthy.'

Sage recipe | Cook for 2!Essential oils, cough drops and such.
When eaten, the aromatic sage leaves have a digestive effect and are therefore used with heavy, fatty dishes.

We’re not interested in that for the time being.
We want delicious!


  • 2-3 handfuls sage leaves
  • 200 g butter
  • A little patience

Matches …

… Pasta – Pasta – Pasta


A dry Pinot Gris with it.


Let it cool and put it in the fridge.
Then the sage butter becomes a herb butter and nestles comfortably and deliciously on rump steaks & Co.


Sage butter

This recipe is simple – but there is a challenge:
Keep patience.

I explain everything step-by-step here, but it’s best to simply watch our video above.

Pluck sage leaves from stem and wash. Set aside and allow to dry slightly.

Preheat the oven to about 150°C – with convection if your stove allows it, otherwise you can do without.

Two-class society

Sort sage leaves into two piles:

  • The small and not so beautiful (a little yellowish and such) in a pile.
  • The big and the beautiful (nice green) on the other pile.

First pile | First round

The flavor base of our sage butter

Pan on the stove, put butter (leave a small blow, which we add later – in the second round).

Melt butter. Pay attention to the temperature.

When it starts to sizzle: Down with it! The butter should not turn brown.

When the butter is completely melted, add the sage leaves from the first pile (the small and not so pretty ones) to the butter.
Play a little with the heat – if it goes too far down, a little more power, but be careful, not too hot, according to our mantra:

“We don’t want brown butter!”

The first round takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on how sensitive you are with the temperature.

Grab a strainer and separate the sage from the butter. The latter, of course, catch you.

The little ones and the not so beautiful ones have already had it now. But “they did a great job” – to use the phrase of the current and hopefully not long incumbent POTUS – and are the flavor base for our now slowly emerging sage butter.

Second pile | Second round:

The kick for the sage butter and the basis for the Crunchy Sage

Return the sage butter to the pan and return the pan to the stove.

Add the remaining portion of butter.

The second pile of sage into it.

Our mantra also applies to the second round!

After about 10 minutes, separate the sage from the sage butter.

We want to get rid of the brownish “crackling”.
Filter the sage butter through a sieve into an oven-safe container.

Crunchy sage

Place the sage leaves on a paper towel and let the fat drip off for a few minutes.

Spread a baking paper on a baking sheet and spread the sage leaves.

Make sure that the sage leaves are not on top of each other, but nicely distributed. Then they become crispier.

Move the baking tray to the center of the oven and reduce the heat to 110-120°C.

Place the container with the sage butter in the stove as well to keep it nice and warm.

Stay on the ball | next to the stove.
It’s only a short distance from “super tasty, killer crispy” to “brown and burnt.”

It usually takes about 5-7 min for the sage leaves to become cruncy sage.

Out of the oven.
Also the sage butter 🙂

And quickly on the table with it, it gets cold quickly.

Pasta with sage butter with Crunchy Sage | Cook for 2!

We like to dump the good stuff over homemade pasta.
But – if it should go fast – the fresh ones from the supermarket do it then also…

Speaking of which, when does salt come into play?
According to gusto …
How intense is the dish you want your sage butter to enhance?
After that, you can vote well if you want to use salt and how much.

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