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I was in my early twenties and newly in love. First date, she came to me in the evening for dinner. The way to the heart is through the stomach – I thought – and opened the Fridge to see what I could cook for her..


Preparation time

10 min


Time needed

½ hr.


for 2 persons

Kitchen know-it-all

A recipe from my youthful Storm and Drunk: shrimp punk!

It’s been a little while. I was a student at the art academy – my parents on vacation.

Photos (unfortunately not while cooking, but at my second favorite activity: Listening to vinyl and pimping music systems) of my all-time Best Buddy Frankie-Boy – I love you, Bro!

Although I already had my own small apartment at that time, I had a key to my parents’ house. When they were on vacation, I herded in there and walked the dogs (Klops & Medi). I was always hungry and never had any money – and my parents had a wonderfully filled refrigerator and a huge freezer in the basement.

I had just met a girl. Maybe it became something more serious, in any case I wanted to impress her. So I decided to cook and invited her to dinner. My parents’ vacation had just started, so I hadn’t eaten all of the stocks yet and had a wide variety of ingredients. The first thing that fell into my hands was frozen shrimp, in the refrigerator there were fresh peppers and dill, sour cream and some processed cheese. Interestingly, also a small jar of Salmon slices, I did not know that at all.

The plan came to me to conjure up a pasta from the ingredients I had found. That was easy and, above all, it was quick – after all, I had something else in mind with the evening and the girl – than standing in the kitchen all the time …

The evening was very nice, but nothing serious came out of us then. What remains is a recipe that simply came to life, something out of the blue: powerful and spontaneous, without much of a plan. I’ve never really been a no-future guy. But for a while I played with that attitude – somewhere between bohemian and punk. As a sort of little nod to that time, I call my recipe “Shrimp Punk.”

Kitchen sounds


  • 500 g shrimps
  • 1 red bell bell pepper
  • 200 g sour cream
  • 35 g processed cheese
  • 100 g of salmon pesto (optional)
    or red, or green pesto (optional)
  • 100 cl white wine (or rosé)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil (extra virgin)
  • ½ bunch dill
  • 4 cloves garlic (fresh)
  • Fresh horseradish (optional)
  • Salt & Pepper

Matches …

… a dry white wine or a rosé.

… Fettuccine


The “kitchen punk” lives hand to mouth:
If they are not so comfortable with “salmon pesto”, you can also use, for example, a red pesto, but just as well a green pesto.

You have zero craving for peppers? What the hell, take a fuckin’ other veggie …


Olive oil for the shrimp flavor with garlic

Heat olive oil over medium heat.

Crush fresh garlic cloves with knife and cut into small slices.

Add garlic slices to pan, reduce heat. 5 min. in the oil over low heat, stirring occasionally.


Heat oil again, add shrimp. Cook, stirring gently, for about 3-8 minutes (depending on whether with or without shell).

Deglaze shrimp with white wine (or rosè). Reduce heat.

If you use shrimps without shell, fish them out of the broth in time (approx. 3 min.), so that they do not boil too long. As a result, they quickly become dry and lose consistency and flavor.


I use shrimp in shell. They taste more intense and are juicier than their already scalped counterparts – especially if they are to contribute to the base of a sauce. But I also take shrimp with shells – after a little longer cooking time (about 8 min) from the pan, let them cool briefly, peel them and add them back later.


Cut paprika into narrow strips. Add to the broth.

Add sour cream and processed cheese to the broth.

Add salmon slices or pesto.

Mix everything well.

When the processed cheese is completely melted, add the shrimp set aside and heat through.

Chop dill, add ¾ of it to the pan and stir through.

Bringing things together:

Put the pasta – I like to use fettuccini for this dish – in a preheated plate.

Pour shrimp and sauce over pasta, sprinkle with a little freshly ground pepper.

If you like, grate fresh horseradish and add it over the pasta as well.

Garnish with the remaining dill.

We received a nice invitation to participate in a blogparade.
Blogparade: “My dish – My memory”.
That’s what we like to do and we think this recipe fits perfectly …
Best regards to Tom & Katharina from Itzehoe – a beautiful blog: More enjoyment you have there.
Marion & Thorsten

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