Strawberry jam without seeds

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Strawberry jam for the faint-hearted.

Ewww! Cores between the teeth. Do not you like so much?
Then we make the strawberry jam just without seeds and use only the pure pulp, completely without troublemakers in the interdental spaces 🙂 By the way, with the same method you get raspberry jam without seeds.

Attention: This recipe is not for cheapskates and lazybones.
It takes much longer to cook than “normal” jam and you lose quite a bit of fruit.


Time needed

about 1,5 hours


4 glasses
(at 200 g per jar)

Kitchen know-it-all

Strawberries? Why EarthBERries?

Strawberries are – botanically speaking – not berries.
Strawberries are nuts, or to be more precise, aggregate nuts. Such as, for example, rose hips.

And while we’re on the subject of cleaning up:
Also mistakenly called berries are raspberries and blackberries, which in turn belong to the collective fruits.
But that’s another story and shall be told another time …

In any case, strawberries are a pseudo-fruit (which immediately makes me think of the pseudo-giant Mr. Tur Tur from Jim Button and Luke the Locomotive Driver). In fact, I don’t remove seeds at all, but the actual fruits of the strawberry: the little yellow seeds, also called nutlets.

So, strictly speaking, it should be called ‘strawberry jam without strawberries’ 🙂 But we don’t care about that, do we?

Strawberries: Nut or fruit? Explanation | Cook for 2!

A large sieve is really STILL in use at our company.

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  • 1 kg strawberries
  • approx. 250 g jam sugar (I always use the 3:1)

special kitchen utensils

  • Blender
  • Large sieve

Have a look …

… here past, there is our recipe for forest fruit jam without seeds.


Make fruit puree

To get rid of the seeds (actually, yes, the nutlets), first make a fruit puree.

Of course, the amount of fruit is lost: calculate about ¼ loss.

In advance, the strawberries are washed and the leaves are removed.

Then cut the fruit into small pieces, put them in a large pot, add a little water (so that it does not burn) and cook for about 5 minutes. simmer over low heat.

Stir from time to time.

Reduce with a blender. In the process, many of the kernels are already crushed to such an extent that they are no longer noticeable in the texture afterwards.

In order to remove the rest of the seeds, the mixture is additionally sieved (it is best to do this from the first pot into a second one).

Ready is the base for our strawberry jam without seeds.

Strawberry jam without seeds: make fruit puree | Cook for 2! Strawberry jam puree without seeds | Cook for 2! Strawberry jam without seeds: Seven | Cook for 2!

Prepare glasses

Fill glasses with hot water.

Pour out the water as soon as the jam boils, place the jar upside down on a tea towel.
(Be sure the jars are still warm when you fill them so they don’t crack from the hot mixture).

Cook strawberry jam

Weigh the now seedless fruit mass again and add the amount of preserving sugar that suits you.
A ratio of 1:1 is usually indicated on the jam sugar packages. Sure – they want to sell their sugar, too.

Since that would be way too sweet for me, I use the ratio of three parts fruit to one part preserving sugar:
So for 750 g of fruit puree, I take 250 g of preserving sugar. This fits perfectly.

Bring mixture to a boil and cook for 4 min. bring to a bubbling boil.

Then skim off the white foam that has formed on the surface.
This way, the jam keeps longer and retains its color longer (because dirt settles in the foam).

Cook strawberry jam without seeds | Cook for 2! Strawberry jam without seeds: Remove foam | Cook for 2!

While still hot, pour the jam into the preheated jars and screw them shut. Turn upside down for a few minutes (this will seal the jars).

Ready. Now you can enjoy the rest of the year your homemade strawberry jam without seeds.


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